Conspacer, which combines a Robvon Backing Ring and a consumable insert ring, is suited for use in high and low-pressure piping, in facilities where TIG welding is used to join pipe or tubing. Filler metal feature ensures alignment of pipe ends and automatically sets root gap. Result is a quality weld and reduced cost of joints by eliminating the gas purge process.

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1. What is a Conspacer?
A conspacer is an engineered device combining a Robvon Backing Ring and a Consumable Insert Ring. This device is produced in various materials such as carbon steel, chrome moly alloys, stainless steels, etc.
2. Where is a Conspacer used?
A conspacer is used in high and low pressure piping and tubing systems. These systems include all types of power generation, shipbuilding, chemical, fuel transfer, steam boilers, offshore drilling platforms, turbine assemblies, etc.
3. When is a Conspacer used?
Use a Conspacer in joining two pipes or tubes using the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process with automatic or manually operated welding equipment.
4. How is a Conspacer used?
The Conspacer's design serves two basic functions: Self-aligning the two pipe or tube ends, eliminating mismatch; and, with its own welding wire feature, automatically sets the root-gap and eliminates the necessity of weld wire feed into the weld puddle. The welder, therefore, starts the weld and finishes the first root pass without interruption.
5. What are the advantages of using a Conspacer?
Using a Conspacer eliminates gas purging and provides an automatic backup for the molten mass. The filler metal feature of the Conspacer insures a quality weld on the first root pass and eliminates interrupting the pass due to possible wire feed problems. The Conspacer reduces the cost of joints by eliminating the gas purge process. The Backing Ring feature of the Conspacer provides the chilling effect advantage on the inner part of the weld joint while allowing excellent root penetration. The internal bevels and flat inner land of the Backing Ring provide minimal fluid flow restriction and turbulence. In joining thin wall pipe or tube, a finished weld may be produced in a single pass by employing a Conspacer. This finished joint is ready for use or radiography.