Machined Rings

If you are not able to find a comparable ring here in our "Standard" Machined Rings, please Mail / Fax your sketch or drawing and we will be happy to quote on a " Custom" ring for you.

Request a Machined Ring Quote

Submit Full Drawing When Ordering or Specify:
1. Quantity
2. Material Grade - Advise if Mill Test Reports are Required
3. Figure Number
4. D - Exact Machined OD of Ring With +/- Tolerances
5. B - Degree of Bevel
6. T - Thickness
7. W - Width
8. L - Width of Land
9. X - Degree of Bevel (If Applicable)
10. R - Radius
11. H - Height of Continuos Ridge
12. L2 - Width of Land (If Applicable)

Materials Available
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
and Others