Robvon's Company History

ROBVON Industries/Fabricating was founded in June, 1943 by Robert H. von Ahrens in Portland, Oregon after he saw the need for a better Chill/Weld ring. The company was moved to Denver, Colorado and became known as Robvon Corporation. Due to the proximity of the ports and steel mills, he then relocated the company to New Jersey in 1951 and registered it as the ROBVON BACKING RING COMPANY.

Robert was the original designer and patent holder of the "Backing Ring" which Robvon produces today for the many industries we serve. He also helped to define the Military Specification known as MIL STD 22A concerning the Backing Ring.

Robert also decided to manufacture the "Machined Ring" . Robvon started producing this product for the industry in the early 1950's. Besides offering the standard machined rings specified by the different specifications of the time, Robvon introduced different configurations of machined rings that have since become "Industry Standards."

After his death in 1954, Robvon was managed under the direction of his wife, Dagny, until her death in June, 1980. In the 26 years that Mrs. Ahrens was president of Robvon, she not only carried on the work and ideals of her late husband, she also made important decisions and improvements of her own. With the assistance of her children and key personnel within the company, Robvon expanded its export business, automated its production lines, started producing "Consumable Inserts" and in 1978 built a larger, modern facility in Avenel, New Jersey.

Roger von Ahrens Sr. is the current president and manages Robvon with help from the third generation. Robvon has continued improving the quality and service instituted by its founder.

To that end, Robvon has been issued patents for the special rolling process for the "T" & "J" shape consumable insert wire and for the "Conspacer®" the Consumable Spacer Backing Ring.

In 1990, Robvon moved to Exeter, Pennsylvania. In 1999, we moved to our new and current location in Factoryville, Pennsylvania, where we still manufacture and distribute

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